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Building your brand is the best way to get yourself noticed as a small business in a digital age. 

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Custom tailored design to show your audience what you can bring to the table.


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Now is the time to ensure mobile-friendly websites are created. Since October of 2020*, there's been a shift showing increased mobile usage and decreased desktop usage. *source linked

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First and foremost, we tailor our services to fit your needs. Ask any question and be as involved in the process as you want to be. Some clients need more hand holding, some need a pat on the back. Whatever your level of experience, we can take it from there. 



Looking to the future

Why do you need a better website?

Businesses are no longer confined to a single region. With a global audience at your fingertips, let them know you’re here. And make it beautiful!


What our Clients say About 602 Creative

"Nina really worked to get my logo just right and on brand!"
8 Count Social
Cheryl Gerde
8Count Social
"Super talented, creative, and professional."
Stephanie Larson
Stephanie Larson
Dancing For Birth
"Very thoughtful when creating brands and a brand strategy. Super easy to work with!"
Cheryl Furer
Healthy Families Homebirth


Designed with you in mind...


Where to start?

This depends if you are starting a new business building a branding identity from scratch or redesigning an existing brand and website. Either way, a consulting session will give us a good answer to the direction to take.

What should I expect next?

Once we have established a direction, a list of functionality requests, brand identifiers, and design aesthetic preferences will be discussed. Rounds of sketches for logo design will be presented and website design will be tested.  

Delivered Results

Satisfaction is important. The time frame of this process depends on communication, approvals and editing time. Dedication to your project is our priority.


Ask me anything...

That depends on how responsive you are, the depth of content (e-commerce sites with high volume of stock takes longer) and how quickly content can be provided. When all the content is compiled and things can move smoothly, websites can be created within a few days, usually no more than a month. 

No. I can refer you to copywriters or you can provide your own written content for your website. I can provide stock imagery, prices vary per image. There are also online resources for free stock images.

Yes. My hourly rate is $80. This is charged for phone or zoom consultations. I will not charge for meetings related to billing questions. 

Let’s chat! Send me an email, phone call or text message and we can schedule a consultation whenever you are ready to go.

Nina Petteys, Owner


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