An Unconventional Teacher: a podcast case study

Podcast promo website


A podcast case study website


An Unconventional Teacher focuses on paying it forward while celebrating forward thinking educators in a variety of arenas. Gratitude, nonconformity to standard pedagogy with respect and learning for teachers and students alike. This network of educators focuses on creating a global community and higher standards for learning. 

The challange:

Promote the launch of a new podcast and add visibility to the show through social media connection and promotion. 




podcast web design


A professional podcaster layout and thoughtful linking to social media via episode details and guest details creates layers of interaction for audiences.  Consultation to organize blog content with a variety of social media integration to different platforms such as Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. Brand development was designed with a color palette and imagery to suite the host’s aesthetic.

podcast guest spotlight web design

Guest highlights

A simple grid layout that highlights each episode is a visually appealing display that is easily responsive on mobile devices. Each guest bio links to the person’s school and promotes cross-over audience participation bringing more traffic to the site. This helps promote the guest’s endeavors and brings more traffic to the podcast as well.

Blog your way to their hearts

Creation of blog posts adds searchable content to the website to tell your audience a story about what the podcast is about. This is a great place to give more information about concepts touched on in the podcast episodes and give the audience actionable items to get further information. 

We highlighted information for guests and their charity interests. The podcast home also used this platform to give more information about himself and the ideas he wanted to share with his podcast community. 

blog for podcast promotion webdesign sample

3,700+ impressions in the last 90 days.

87 unique visitors from organic search

53.3% increase in traffic