Branding – Dancing For Birth™



I have been working with this client for the past two years to update the brand and create print and web graphics to show a cohesive identity. This, in turn, has shown increase profits, higher engagement on both her website and social media sites. And her client interactions have been very positive. They are truly enjoying her new beautiful look.

Initially, she wanted me to create a look where primal meets the modern woman. She gave me concept images of spices, rich fabrics and colors from around the world. She showed me dancing mothers and children in slings, tribal designs and eclectic relics of the history of womanhood. Together with paper, scissors and some tape, we patch-worked a concept of what DancingFor Birth is to her. It has been a beautiful journey from concept to execution. This company is based in St. Louis and they train birth professionals worldwide to help women have safer, easier birth through childbirth education, fitness and emotional support.

To me, this brand embodies the essence of womanhood…the primal  nature women need to open themselves to while giving birth. It exudes confidence, happiness and celebration of life, womanhood and love for the world. These are just a few things I have created for her over our time together. Projects include email content images for Constant Contact, logo refinement, flyers, business cards, merchandise design, banners, t-shirt design, social media images, social header images, certification seals, document forms, interactive forms, digital interactive manual, promotional videos, tutorial videos, certificates, newsletters, online store, web content updates and event landing pages. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but please feel free to view her work and let me know if you have any questions about my involvement with this project!

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