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fitness website front page website design portfolio

Building a website doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. An hour of consulting can give you great insight to how to design a website to fit your needs. There are so many tools within WordPress to customize design and function of any website to attract the audience you desire. Don’t forget, this is your website, so let your personality come through!

Consider at least about 40% of your audience will be viewing your website on their smart phone.  

See samples from 602 Creative’s web site portfolio below.

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An Unconventional teacher website

Chiropractic Wellness Center

This project required scheduling functionality as well as community building aspects. The feeling of family and community was very important. 

Purpose: Create a website that clients can schedule appointments and take tasks off the business owners plate. 

Solution: Integrated a scheduling platform as well as a client portal to allow new clients to download and complete intake forms. The blog focused on the family-centric events held in the office.

Once Upon a Trapeze

Purpose: A unique, local woman-owned book store in the heart of Buena Vista, Colorado. She was launcing her business and needed an online presence to promote her grand opening, offerings and events. She plans to expand this site to host an e-commerce arm of her shop. 

Solution: A visually vibrant site welcomes her potential customers into a preview of her space, sneak peeks into new books and story time. Branding was created by the customer and vectorized by 602 Creative. 


Holistic Pathways rebranding labels

Labels for rebranding products for a holistic retail company. Also, a brand creation for a candle and health coaching business using the same branding included logo creation and labels.